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Our Galvanized products are produced to ASTM-A-653 (Commercial Steel-Type B). In the manufacturing process, cold finished coils are run through a tank of molten zinc and as the strip exits the zinc bath the coating weight and surface appearance are controlled. This protective layer of zinc offers increased corrosion resistance over non-coated Hot Rolled or Cold Rolled products in two different ways.

First, as long as the zinc coating is not broken, the zinc acts as a shield between the base steel and the atmosphere. Second, if the base metal becomes exposed, the zinc protects the base metal by sacrificing itself to the corrosive elements. It is this same action that applies to the sheared edges of a galvanized sheet.

The zinc coating weight of our galvanized products is designated as G-90.This indicates that the total amount of zinc coating on both surfaces of the sheet is a minimum of 9/10 of an ounce per square foot. The sheets and coils can be formed without the zinc coating flaking or breaking and the sheets can be welded or soldered. The surface, while dry, has been put through a passivating chemical treatment in order to inhibit the formation of white rust. The surface of the steel has an appearance of flowery crystals which are called spangles.

There can be a variation in the shape and size of spangles.